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Similarly, the Roast Chicken restaurant, which does the pricing of the products presented on a cost basis. The restaurant associates linking the prices charged with production costs and operating costs incurred by the restaurant. Roast Chicken restaurant has also added a 10% mark up considering the price of raw materials and fuel can increase at any time, so it is anticipated for Roast Chicken restaurant as well as income for Roast Chicken restaurant. Determination of price list set Roast Chicken restaurant can be seen in Appendix 5. The price set for each product varies depending on the size of the product, the taste or the form of the product ordered by the consumer.

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The products in the Roast Chicken restaurant have a taste of quality food because the raw materials and ingredients supporting the manufacture of products using quality materials. In addition, the Roast Chicken restaurant also maintains the quality of its food from the cleanliness of the equipment used during the production process. In addition, the Roast Chicken restaurant also has a set menu price list best restaurants set by the restaurant based on the results of a joint decision between the owner, mentor, or supervisor tailored to the quality of the package offered. Package menu offered by the Roast Chicken restaurant is a menu package for the number of visitors at least 10 people who come to Roast Chicken restaurant. In addition, the menu package also applies to visitors who will use the Roast Chicken restaurant reservation package such as meetings, weddings, or other meetings.

The pricing of packages offered by Roast Chicken restaurant can be viewed on. Roast Chicken Restaurant in running its activities also do the strategy by giving discounts at certain times. The time of the discount is at night, at 20:00 to 22:00 pm. But according to the restaurant, this strategy is considered not effective because at that curfew, Roast Chicken restaurant still looks lonely and the discounted product is also still on display, so Roast Chicken restaurant negates the strategy. The distribution mix strategy by Roast Chicken restaurant includes delivery order for consumers who are not in restaurant, ease of restaurant location, and restaurant comfort and hygiene strategy.

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Roast Chicken Restaurant provides delivery order service for customers who do not come directly to Roast Chicken restaurant with the requirements for Bogon area charged between RP 20. 000, and outside Bogon city adjusted by the order amount, where the product that can be delivered applies to certain products equipped Packaging that is practical and interesting. The strategy of Roast Chicken restaurant related to the ease of reaching the restaurant location is by installing Roast Chicken restaurant information boards and spreading through promotional media such as brochures top restaurants in singapore leaflets, websites, and TV is covering Roast Chicken restaurant in culinary events so that consumers can with Easy to get information about the existence of the restaurant. In addition, the strategic location also allows consumers to get the location of Roast Chicken restaurant. In an effort to introduce Roast Chicken restaurant in the eyes of its consumers, this restaurant is doing some promotional mix strategy such as advertising, sales top restaurants in singapore promotion, and public relations.

Advertising media has been done by the restaurant in developing its business, among others. Brochures, Roast Chicken restaurant brochures are distributed at all restaurants owned by Pia Apple Pie Group, such as in Apple Pie, Macaroni, Lasagna Roll, Death by Chocolate, Spagheti, MP Steak. Banner, promotional activities are done by spreading the banner in front of the entrance of Roast Chicken restaurant or in the restaurant which is still one part of Pia Apple Pie. Kart Name, Roast Chicken restaurant has a business card equipped with see here a restaurant logo and restaurant address and phone number. The billboards, billboards with information about the Roast Chicken restaurant, have been posted on the expressway and in front of the Roast Chicken restaurant.

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